The success of any business mainly depends on the team that drives it. Many Amazon Sellers launch their business alone but sooner or later start delegating some tasks ending up hiring a team. Product research is the first thing sellers are willing to delegate. At this point, Sellers Assistant App offers a great solution - Team Plans.

This article will show you how to organize and manage employees' research work safely and technically correctly using Seller Assistant App Extension.

What is a Team plan, and who is it for?

Team plans are designed for Amazon business owners who need to delegate Amazon product research routine to their employees.

Team Plan Benefits

Seller Assistant Team plans have a lot of benefits

Ability to create Sub-Accounts

Team plans allow you to create Seller Assistant App sub-accounts for your employees. Each employee (team member) will have a separate account.

As a team owner, you will be able to provide a team member with access to the plugin without transferring the username and password from your personal Seller Assistant App account.

Data control

Team owners will have access to all products that have been analyzed or saved in Google Sheets by their team members. This information will be available in team owners' Seller Assistant App accounts.

When an employee is dismissed from the team, all product information gathered while being in the team will remain available to the team owner. The employee who left the team loses access to the collected data forever.

Safe work with Amazon account

Your employees don't need a personal Amazon seller account to work on the Seller Assistant App team plan. Moreover, there is no need for a team owner to provide employees with access to their personal Amazon seller account's inventory to run a Brand Gate status check (“Lock” icon that shows product trade restrictions). This information will be automatically transmitted from the linked team owner's Amazon account to all team members' sub-accounts. No additional settings are required. Thus, the team owner will keep the Amazon seller account's credentials in privacy.

Types of Team Plans

Team plans vary by type of billing and the number of sub-accounts.


Seller Assistant App offers monthly and annual Team Plan Subscriptions. You save 50% with an annual subscription plan.

Number of Sub-Accounts

Seller Assistant App Team Plans come in different sizes:

Duet - a team of 2 users (1 main + 1 sub-account)

Quartet - a team of 4 users (1 main + 3 sub-accounts)

Rock Band - a team of 6 users (1 main + 5 sub-accounts)

Orchestra - a team of 10 users (1 main + 9 sub-accounts)

If your business requires more sub-accounts, please contact us via [email protected]. We'll be glad to offer you a special team plan.

Please follow the link to learn more about Seller Assistant App Team Plans or to buy one


Team plans have some limitations.

Firstly, the team owner is required to link his Amazon Seller Account.

The Amazon seller account must be active (not banned, not suspended, not under review) and on the Professional plan.

Secondly, you can only have one team.

Limitations of Sub-Accounts

  1. Sub-accounts work only through the linked Amazon Seller Account of the team owner. If a team member tries to link his own Amazon seller account, the plugin will continue working only through the team owner's account.

  1. Sub-accounts have access to their analyzed product data only while remaining in the team. After being excluded from the team, access to the data will be lost.

  2. A team member can buy an individual subscription to the Seller Assistant App plugin. In this case, a team member will not be able to use it while in a team. To start working on an individual subscription, a team member must leave the team.

  1. Product information collected by a team member (prices, vendor links, product notes) will forever remain available to the team owner but unavailable to other team members.

  1. Sub-accounts receive information about product restrictions (“Brand Gate” feature) from the account of the team owner.

How to subscribe to Seller Assistant App Team Plan

To subscribe to a team plan, please go to the Settings / Subscription section and select the “Team” tab or follow the link

Once subscribed to a Team Plan, you can create a team and invite employees. For more information, please read the instructions.

You can switch to a team plan anytime. There is no need to wait until your current subscription plan expires. Simply upgrade for a team plan. In this case, only the price difference will be charged and only for unused days.


Team plans are designed for Amazon business owners who need to delegate Amazon product research routine to their employees.

Product information collected by a team member will be available to the team owner in his personal Seller Assistant App account but unavailable to other team members.

For all team members, the Brand Gate function (“Lock” icon) shows information for the team owner's Amazon seller account.

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