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How to Downgrade my Subscription?
How to Downgrade my Subscription?

Step by step instruction how to downgrade the subscription in Seller Assistant App

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  1. Log in to your Seller Assistant App account and go to the subscriptions page, where you can see your current subscription plan.

  2. To downgrade your plan, click the “Manage Subscription” button.
    Important: before downgrading the subscription plan, you need to reduce the number of team members. You also need to remove invitations to the team.

  3. After clicking the “Manage Subscription” button, you will see the subscription management page. Click “Update plan”.

  4. Select the desired plan and click "Continue".

  5. After you’ve confirmed the downgrade, our payment system will automatically recalculate your tariff, and the remaining money will be accumulated in your virtual balance.

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