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EAN/UPC to ASIN converter
What is UPC/EAN converter in Seller Assistant?
What is UPC/EAN converter in Seller Assistant?

Converting UPC/EAN into ASIN in Seller Assistant

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ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) is a 10-character unique identifier assigned by Amazon to each product listed on their marketplace.

UPC (Universal Product Code) is a unique identification number assigned to a product mostly used to identify products from the USA and Canada.

EAN (European Article Number) is a 13-digit barcode used to identify products uniquely.

ASIN, UPC and EAN are used to identify a product, making it easier to track inventory, sales and distribution.

The convertor will help you to find products having just UPC or EAN modifying them into ASIN.

How it works

You list products’ EAN / UPC in the convertor and you get the products’ ASIN.

The convertor will identify itself if you have provided EAN or UPC.

You can upload up to 1000 items in one go.

Note: Only valid EAN / UPC can be used in the converter

Why do you need this tool?

  • Using UPC to identify products is hard, especially for items available in packs (5 or 10 items). These products can have the same UPC, while the item count can be different, so you need an ASIN to list such products.

  • There can be several ASINs for a single UPC, so it is not surprising if the Amazon Inventory Loader can make mistakes by matching the UPC to the wrong ASINs.

  • Several products may have wrong UPCs, so converting them to ASIN is essential.

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