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What is the Seller Assistant?
What is the Seller Assistant?

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Seller Assistant is a browser extension for Amazon Sellers. It saves your time effectively by simplifying routine tasks when searching for goods for online arbitrage and drop-shipping.

Ways of selling on Amazon?

There is a huge number of approaches but it’s worth mentioning the two most essential of them:

  1. Selling your Private Label.

    In this case, you focus on selling one or a few products only, making it possible to keep the sales rates as high and effective as possible; concentrate on the quality of your product, its description, feedback, and pictures; compete with equivalent products.

  2. Selling already existing products (online arbitrage, drop-shipping, wholesale).

    In this case, your goal is to find as many existing products as possible so that your product sales are high and effective. You don’t focus on photos, feedback, or descriptions but on increasing the number of your products. Finally, you need to find and analyze such products as quickly as possible.

What problem does the Seller Assistant solve?

If your goal is to stock up with a bigger number of products on sale, there is a growing need in software that can achieve the following goals:

  • Calculating unit economics;

  • Showing important information about a product;

  • Showing the history of a product;

  • Simplifying analysis by making it more convenient;

  • Saving time for product analysis;

  • Saving the result in one click for further usage.

All these tasks are solved by the Seller Assistant.

A user-friendly dashboard on a product page

Our extension integrates right onto your Amazon product page. It is needed to see everything at once with no extra clicks or scrolls.
Seller Assistant compiles all necessary data in one place which means you will be protected from unwanted tabs that slow your computer down.

It’s just convenient.

Important Product Information

The extension window contains all the important information about the product: BSR, ASIN, Parent ASIN, Category, Size (Standard or Oversize), Referral and FBA Fees, Monthly Storage Fee, the number of sellers and competitors, average and minimum prices, the number of reviews for each of the units, the presence of Amazon as a buybox seller and product fragility. Seeing this is important.

Product History

The extension has a built-in Keepa Price Tracker, as well as the most important historical and statistical data, such as BSR Drops, average BSR, and average price.
This data is taken directly to the panel that allows you to determine trends in prices, the number of sales, evaluate the competition. All this is essential in the analysis of goods.

A user-friendly profit calculator

A successful entrepreneur always knows how to count.
The built-in FBA calculator is your main tool when analyzing the product.
You do not need to reckon the profit manually or spend a lot of time updating Amazon commissions for a particular product.
Now you can calculate all the costs, delivery, and preparation fees right on the product page. Besides, the program knows the product rating and the approximate number of sales and sees your competitors.
Seller Assistant allows you to calculate the potential profit for the month immediately, taking into account competition.

Saving your time

We know the value of your time and therefore make Seller Assistant better.
Our main goal is to save your time by hampering the routine.
When developing the extension, we always think about reducing the time spent on analyzing a product. We do not want you to spend time switching between different applications, sites, and getting distracted by calculations.

Time is priceless!

Saving the result to Google Sheets

Any work is done when there is a result.
The result of your work is a list of profitable products on Google Sheets analyzed carefully, calculated, and selected by you among thousands of others.
Seller Assistant integrates with Google Sheets and allows you to save all the necessary data directly into your sheet. No more Ctrl + C, Alt + Tab, Ctrl + V

Grow sales and build your business with confidence.

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