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Seller Assistant in Side Panel

Detailed guidance of Seller Assistant in Side Panel

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What is it?

Seller Assistant in Side Panel displays the most important information about the product in the Side panel, such as title, brand, ASIN, category and BSR, alerts, number of sellers, BEP (break-even point), estimate sales and FBA calculator.

Note: Side Panel can be used in Chrome and Edge browsers but it's unavailable for Firefox.

The display of Seller Assistant in Side Panel on Amazon search page:

The display of Seller Assistant in Side Panel on supplier's website:

Where to access Seller Assistant in Side Panel?

You can access the Side Panel from the extension itself:

As well as from Quick View widget:

Also you can access Side Panel View by clicking on context menu on any website:

Side Panel View appears on any website and shows you a match for Amazon product you have selected. To activate Side Panel View on any website, select the text you want to search, right-click, and choose “Search with Seller Assistant”.
You can see Amazon search results right in the Side Panel View.

After this, you can click on the image of any product in the search results and detailed information about the product and a calculator will open to you. You can calculate your profit while on the supplier's website!

What information can I access using Side Panel?

There are still a lot of information available in Side panel view:

  • Title of the product

  • ASIN
    Amazon Standard Identification Number is a unique identifier for an item in the Amazon catalog

  • Brand

  • Category

  • BSR
    Best Sellers Rank is the ranking of a product in a specific category

  • Notification such as hazmat, meltable, fragile, oversize, GB (Generic Brand), adult, sold by Amazon, IP warning

  • Like and Dislike

  • Restriction checker (lock icon)

  • Number of sellers
    FBA/FBM sellers who sell product in the new condition

  • BEP (Break-even point)

    This is the cost of the product at which the profit is $0

  • Est. sales

    Potential sales of this product. Calculated by sales rank. May vary from actual sales data

  • FBA calculator

    • Price. Usually, the extension shows the BuyBox price. If the product does not have BuyBox, then the extension uses the minimum price including delivery

    • COG - Cost of Goods. Here you can enter the cost of the goods from the supplier, excluding shipping and taxes

To find out more about Seller Assistant on Amazon product pages read here

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