Teamwork on Seller Assistant App is implemented through sub-accounts that are linked to the team. It means you can team several Seller Assistant App users.


  • A team lead must be on a trial period or have a subscription that allows creating teams.

  • All application requests to Amazon are made on behalf of an account owner (through Amazon seller account).

  • A team member does not need to have an active subscription or connect an Amazon account.

How to get started with teamwork

On Settings page, go to Teams menu or follow this link

Create a team

To create a team, you must meet one of the conditions.


  • Being on a trial period

  • Being a subscriber to a tariff plan that allows creation teams

In the Team Name field, enter the name of your new team. Next, click on the Create button

Creating a team

Manage a team

Find a team you want to control. To manage the team, click on the gear to the right of the team name.

Managing a team

Invite a new team member

In the Send Invitation field, enter an email address of a person you would like to invite, click the Invite button.

An invitation letter will be sent to the entered email address.

A person you invite will know your name and team name.

  • If the person is not a user of the team, then they need to register. In this case, they become a member of the team automatically.

  • If the person is already have a Seller Assistant App account, they see a notification with an invitation in their account. They only have to accept or decline the invitation.

Inviting a new team member

Delete a team

If you no longer need the team, you can delete it. To delete the team, click on the red cross to the right of the team name.

Deleting the team

Exclude a team member.

If you want to exclude the team member, then find them and click on the red cross next to their name.

Excluding the team member

Accept or decline an invitation

If you want to accept or decline an invitation, then find it and click on the green mark or red cross next to it.

Accepting or declining the invitation

Leave a team

If you are not the creator of the team, then you can leave it yourself. To do this, click on the yellow "exit" button next to the command name.

Leaving the team

After you leave the team, the extension works if you have an Amazon account and paid subscription (or it's a trial period).

If you need to link an Amazon account, you can read how to do this on the particular page Link an Amazon account.

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