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What is Low-Priced FBA fees Program?
What is Low-Priced FBA fees Program?

Detailed explanation of low-priced FBA fees in Seller Assistant calculator

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On August 29, 2023, the FBA Small and Light program ended and Low-Price FBA rates are introduced.

The new Low-Priced FBA rates automatically apply to all items under $10. On average, Low-Price FBA rates per item are $0.77 lower than standard FBA rates. However, compared to the Small and Light program, the average cost per item using Low-Price FBA rates is $0.30 more. On the other hand, this is compensated by the standard FBA shipping speed that is now available for low-priced items.

Note. Restricted items such as adult items, hazard items, and temperature sensitive items under $10 are also charged at FBA's Low-Price rates.

Important. The changes then affected only the American Small and Light program.

The new rates for Low-Price FBA (Europe)

From of September 26, 2023, Amazon has completed its Small and Light (S&L) program in Europe and has introduced Low-Price FBA pricing for all products costing no more than (including value added tax (VAT)) £10 in the UK, €11 in Germany, €12 in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, 140 Swedish kronas in Sweden, 55 zloty in Poland.

Essentially, the price threshold remained the same as for Small and Light, while the delivery speed became the same as for standard FBA products.

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