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Add-ons in Seller Assistant
Add-ons in Seller Assistant

What are add-ons and how to add them

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We are happy to announce that now you can buy extra Product Lookups, Users (Team Members), Google Sheets and ASINs for Bulk Restriction Checker in Seller Assistant.

You can do it straight from your Seller Assistant account.


  1. Go to Subscription section.

  2. Choose the add-on you want to add. Then press "Buy More".

  3. Confirm your choice by pressing button "Pay Now".

  4. Please do not close this window until the payment has been debited.

  5. If the attempt was successful, you will see a confirmation.

  6. You will see the updated plan and the price for it.

You can also buy some add-ons pressing the button "Manage subscription".

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