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How to Configure VAT on Fees Settings
How to Configure VAT on Fees Settings

Detailed guidance in configuring VAT on fees settings in Seller Assistant

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Set up VAT on Fees

If you operate a business established in Europe, Amazon US charges VAT on Referral fees, Subscription fees and PPC, then you need to set up your VAT on Fees rate in the settings, to get Seller Assistant taken into account this charge.

  1. Log in to your Seller Assistant account taking the email and password you have used during registration.

  2. On the left find "Tools" section and choose "Seller Assistant".

  3. Press “Extension Settings”.

  4. Select the needed Amazon marketplace.

  5. Fill in the interest rate in the input field.

  6. Click on the dropdown menu to apply or not apply the VAT on Fees settings.

  7. Once you set up your VAT on Fees rate, Seller Assistant will add the tax to the Referral fees automatically.

  8. You may get to know how to configure VAT settings here

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