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How to Configure Expenses (FBA / FBM Logistics)
How to Configure Expenses (FBA / FBM Logistics)

Detailed guide how to configure expenses in Seller Assistant

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  1. Log in to your Seller Assistant account taking the email and password you have used during registration.

  2. On the left find "Tools" section and choose "Seller Assistant".

  3. Press “Extension Settings”.

  4. Select the needed Amazon marketplace.

  5. Configure FBA Logistics or FBM Logistics.

  6. These settings will be also displayed in the Seller Assistant extension on the Amazon product page and these settings will be used to make calculations.

Note: All configurations are saved automatically after you filled in the settings bars. Please be aware that all settings are applied only for the chosen marketplace.

Try to configure your own settings for FBA/FBM Logistics now!

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