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How to Check Product’s BSR?
How to Check Product’s BSR?

Detailed step by step guidance for checking product's BSR using Seller Assistant App

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Why does one need to check products for BSR with the Seller Assistant App?

Amazon best sellers rank (BSR) is a metric that shows how well a product sells compared to other products in the same category. Amazon assigns a BSR to every product that has been sold at least once.

The lowest BSR on Amazon indicates that the product currently sells the best in its category or subcategory. The better the product performs, the lower the BSR number is.

Ways to use BSR

  • tracking sales performance;

  • monitoring product standing against direct competitors;

  • in a product, research to estimate the demand for a specific product, its sales frequency, and levels.

Since BSR is updated hourly, you need to estimate its fluctuations for 30, 90, and 180 days to understand its dynamics.

What BRS parameters does Seller Assistant App show?

Seller Assistant App displays:

  • BSR number;

  • BSR trend;

  • BSR drops;

  • BSR change in %;

  • the approximate number of product sales, calculated based on the BSR and category.

Checking product’s BSR with Seller Assistant App step by step

Step 1. Log in to your Seller Assistant App.

Step 2. Go to the Amazon Search page or Amazon Product page, and open the product you are interested in checking. The Seller Assistant App plugin will download the data and show the product’s BSR.

BSR with Seller Assistant App

Step 3. In the left-hand part of Seller Assistant App’s Product Information dashboard, under the “ASIN,” you will see the BSR number. If BSR goes down, you’ll see a green arrow pointing down; if it goes up, you’ll see a red arrow pointing up.

The “Drops” feature displays BSR drops for 30, 90, and 180 days.

The “Top” feature shows the BSR change in %. Also, a link is displayed with the name of the product category.

“Sales” gives you the approximate number of product sales, calculated based on the BSR and category.

Read more about the BSR on Amazon in our blog.

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