FBA Inbound Placement Service Fee

Learn more about fee and how to configure it in the extension

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What is FBA Inbound Placement Service Fee?

The FBA inbound placement service fee is the cost of spreading inventory across Amazon’s fulfillment centers close to customers. This fee is charged for standard and large bulky-sized products. This fee is calculated based on product size tier, shipping weight, number and location of fulfillment centers in your shipping plan.

You can find out more about FBA inbound placement service fee here

Minimal shipment splits

Your inventory is send to a minimal number of fulfillment centers chosen by you (one location), and Amazon distributes them further within their network for an additional per-item fee. The fee depends on the location and is higher in the West of the U.S.

Partial or Amazon-optimized shipment splits

You can send your inventory to several fulfillment centers yourself and reduce or avoid the fees. If you send your inventory to 2 or 3 fulfillment centers suggested by Amazon (partial distribution), you will pay a reduced fee. If you send your inventory to 4 or more fulfillment centers suggested by Amazon, you can avoid the per-item fee.

How to configure the FBA inbound placement service fee in the extension

The inbound placement service fee applies only for FBA calculations and for amazon.com only.

This fee is found in FBA section marked “Plmt” (“placement”). Next to “Plmt” you will see a letter that determines the selected inbound placement service option:

“O” - Optimized shipment splits

“M” - Minimal shipment splits

“P” - Partial shipment splits

You can manage this fee from your Seller Assistant account. You can also manage the fee in your personal account in the Extension Settings section

​In case of default, the extension applies an Optimized shipment splits.

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