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Bulk Restriction Checker in Seller Assistant
Bulk Restriction Checker in Seller Assistant

Detailed explanation how Bulk Restriction Checker works in Seller Assistant

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What is Bulk Restriction Checker?

The Bulk Restriction Checker identifies products from your ASINs list whether you can add those ASINs to your Amazon inventory without any restrictions. The verification takes place for a specific Amazon Seller Account.

In order to use Bulk Restriction Checker in your Seller Assistant App account you need the connection to Amazon Seller Account.

You can easily upload up to 20 000 ASINs at a time.
Note that all plans have limits on uploaded ASINs. In case it's not enough you can always buy more.

This tool enables you to upload one file at a time. All subsequent files can only be uploaded once the current file has been processed.

How to properly load ASINs into a Bulk Restriction Checker?

  1. Make sure your Amazon account is connected to Seller Assistant App.

  2. Go to "Tools" section in your Seller Assistant account and choose Bulk Restriction Checker.

  3. Choose and upload up to 20 000 ASINs you want to check.
    The tool recognises a list of ASINs that are written in a column, without numbering.

  4. Choose the marketplace you want to check restrictions for.
    If your list contains ASINs for other Amazon marketplaces, then the tool will try to check all the specified ASINs on the Amazon that you have selected.

    For example, you listed 9 ASINs for and 1 ASIN for

    You have chosen the "" marketplace to check all ASINs.

    Accordingly, the tool will check all 10 ASINs on the marketplace.

  5. Give a name to your batch.
    In the "Description" field you can write whatever you want. This will be the name of your file.

  6. Click the "Upload" button.

  7. Wait until the restriction check is done.

  8. Download the report.
    In the report you will see the following columns: ASIN, Status and Approval link leading directly to your Seller Central for easier way to request an approval.

How to read the results?

The Bulk Restriction Checker checks whether you can add an ASIN in to your Amazon inventory without restrictions.

If there are no restrictions, then you will see a green padlock.

If there are restrictions on the sale of an ASIN, then you will see a red closed padlock.

If your Amazon account is not suitable for selling an ASIN, then you will see a red closed padlock with an exclamation mark.

You can also hover over the lock icons and you will see explanations for each of them.

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